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Big Brother Breakdown–The Crying Game (April 3)

There sure were a lot of tears shed this week on Big Brother.  We got tears of joy from Natalie, joy tinged with sorrow from Sheila (she’s happy for Nat, but misses her son), and an absolute deluge of sobs from James, Joshuah and Sharon over their nominations and Joshuah’s eviction, both before and after the fact.  I guess we’ve reached the point where they’ve been together so long, everyone’s on the same cycle.  Or it could be the fact that this house drives people MAD! (Muahahahahahaha!)

I couldn’t really disagree with Joshuah’s observations about Matt perhaps looking into witness protection when the game ends, after all the time Natalie spent communing with his memory wall picture.  She was just remembering all the good times, of course.  She did point out that Matt’s not actually her boyfriend when Julie interviewed her in the HOH, but it was accompanied by a nervous laughter that concerned me.  If Nat keeps her mind off Matt and focuses on the game, she has the chance to go all the way.  But if she keeps hangin’ out with a picture and a glass of chardonnay, I can’t imagine she won’t be targeted at some point. 

When she wasn’t “playing dumb”, as she put it–she spent three years in college after all–she was refreshingly honest in her nominations as well as her confusion as to which ass-kisser to believe.  She was right not to make a deal with James when he offered, but they could still make quite a dynamic duo, what with his recent dominance in competitions and her ability to play both sides of the house.  Of course, the other side is down to two, but hey!

I love how James keeps calling people on their shit.  I just wish he’d put his pants on every time.  He seems to think he’ll be nominated any time he’s not HOH, but with good old A-Baller back in the driver’s seat this week, it’s hard to say.  That dude’s not exactly predictable.  I wonder if he’ll get more baby food!  It is impressive that James is so emotionally fragile, being left in the house without many friends and missing Chelsia, but pulled it together to win a nerve wracking POV this week, while Joshuah, for all his big talk, went out in the first round (by the by, what was the deal with all of Adam’s post production audio?  It’s like A-Baller is Donald Trump all of a sudden).  The Kid With the Pink Hair was all about insuring his safety while the wannabe soap actor was sure his social game would secure his place. 

The trouble with Joshuah is that he didn’t really think his strategy through from beginning to end.  He started out quiet, almost invisible.  He then exploded onto the scene with his seemingly random outbursts at both Amanda and Allison that confused and scared his housemates.  Sure, he’d been able to work over his former partner Sharon, plus James and Chelsia, and had a few lucky weeks there, but he was not nearly as smooth as he thought he was, especially with the crocodile tears.  (Dude, you fooled ADAM.)  He didn’t bank on Natalie, who, though annoying as ever, is paying attention at least, and knows it can’t be in her own best interest to be the tie breaker against Sharon, who has nothing against her at this point.  Why would she make enemies on Joshuah’s behalf?  There’s the rub, Joshie.  And once she rallied the chicks and talked Ryan and Adam back over to her side (again, I’m not asking these people for stock tips, but they’re at least thinking in the context of this environment), it was done.  Josh can now go back home secure in the knowledge that his parents still love him, even if they are a bit befuddled by their son’s weird reality show alter ego.  I have to say that I think his mom seemed like a pretty cool lady, especially given that she has every right to be mortified.

That leaves us with Sharon, the self proclaimed house mother, who must not have received the memo that a firing squad did not meet Josh at the door.  Her convulsive sobs both after POV and following Josh’s eviction were simultaneously comical and sad.  I mean, she already knows he was ready to sell her down the river and she’s still this distraught?  What will she do when she sees his diary room clips where he says he’s tired of babysitting her and his hot tub chat with James, where he said she had to go?  I think we now know why Sharon was with that creepy Jacob for so long…she clearly hates herself.

So, it’s looking more and more like we’re heading toward a showdown of Adam, Sheila, Ryan and Natalie as the final four.  This season scares me so very much.  But, here’s something else that’s kinda scary…Did you know Sheila was in an classic 80’s movie?  She had a bit part in National Lampoon’s European Vacation!  Thanks to spunkybean reader Adam for the clip!!

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