Big Brother

Big Brother Breakdown (Week 4)

Wow. This episode of Big Brother could have been brought to you by Midol, because it has some serious mood swings. I know the editors are trying to play catch up (these people were in the house almost a week before we first saw them on TV), but they are just all over the place! Let’s just get this crazy fest over with, shall we?

We start out in Black & White with Alex, Amanda and her ass winning HOH again. Chelsia DRs about Amanda’s short shorts. So far, this girl is not that bad, I’m surprised to say. Of course, everything’s relative. We then flip to Parker in the DR, saying that he and Jen went from “Brad and Angelina” to “Kathy Griffin and Pauly Shore”. So, they’re a couple now? Did I miss something on TMZ? Parker would be the authority.

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