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Big Brother 9: Buh-Bye, Matty! (Mar 21)

Could it be that the two players who only survived the first elimination by Jen and Sideshow Parker because Jacob was a mouth-breathing creep are suddenly looking like the ones to beat?  After an emotional week that saw Matt walk out the door (and not come back, thank goodness) and Natalie sob her way through the days since his “backdooring” after James won the POV (and if I never hear James use that word again, it will be too soon), Sheila is looking like a bit of a power player. First she told James the truth about not voting him back into the game, and although she originally got nominated for it, she presumably got taken off the block for the same honesty…and because James’ target all along was Matt.  She then managed to bring the votes for Matt and Ryan to a tie, forcing James to be the one to send Matt packing.  It may not matter in the end, but it could also be one of those convenient little nuggets that gets jury members all riled up about how much people lie and break promises in the game (James initially promised both Nat and Matt safety), which, of course, is almost impossible not to do and make it to the end of Big Brother.

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