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Big Brother Elimination and HoH Week 6

Previously on Big Brother: Actually, it was pretty awesome. The houseguests met Zingbot 3000, who is an insult comedy robot. Ragan won the Power of Veto and came off the block. Rachel came out of Pandora’s Box, as did all other terrible things in the world. She was awful, but Ragan absolutely laid the smack down on her, and if Rachel had any real self-awareness, she’d cry a lot more. There was a pretzel message. Brendon was spineless. And Matt went up as the replacement nominee, but he has the Diamond Power of Veto, and I am sweating bullets that this all ends up with Britney going home. That will not stand.
Julie Chen seems positively giddy to be here tonight. Me, I think the censor’s going to be working overtime once that Diamond PoV comes up.
After the Veto ceremony, Lane is upset that he has to compete against Matt to stay in the house. Enzo’s coming unglued, and reconciles himself to losing Matt. In fact, he’s not sure he can trust Matt now. Matt being the only Brigade member to ever win HoH, other than Hayden’s Week One pity win. Actually, they’ve never won the Veto either. The Brigade kind of sucks at doing stuff. Ragan is sad about the possibility of being in the house without Matt. And then he talks about Stacey (Matt’s wife) and her rare bone disease. I am already looking forward to the finale, because it is going to be just crazy awkward.

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