Big Brother

Big Brother Eviction – Week 2

Julie greets us from her studio space outside the Big Brother house in a black pantsuit with a blue blouse that includes a scarf.  Basically, she looks like a bruise.  In short order, she busts out her inaugural “But First” of this young season (Click the link, it’s twenty seconds and you can thank me later) as she defers the eviction until after we witness what is going down as the biggest flight in Big Brother history.

It begins with a montage in which Amanda gossips with everyone about everything.  An assortment of houseguests talk in the DR about how much she does this and how annoying it is.  Since these people need very little to set them off, a random comment about who they’d put up if they won HOH, overheard in the sauna, sends Chelsia over the edge.  She struts out to the yard in her sweats and confronts Amanda.  She says that if Amanda thinks Chelsia is talking smack, she should call her out.  Amanda is forced to go on the defensive right away.  Despite being ganged up on (the entire house is in the yard, all “answer the question, Claire!” )  Josh DRs that he just decided to go off and basically, stir the house up.  Why do these people feel the need to incite riots?

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