Big Brother

Big Brother Finale! (April 28)

There were some days when I thought this evening would never arrive, but at long last, the Big Brother: Till Death Do Us Part is OVER.  And, as will become apparent in the next hour, CBS couldn’t wait to kick these peopleoff the lot either.

We begin with The Chenbot, surrounded by a studio audience, standing outside the Big Brother house.  I spot Janelle, the veteran of BB7 and All-Stars, in the group.  I’m sure she had to clear quite a busy schedule to be here tonight.  Then, Julie Chen tries to high five people, which causes a slight malfunction in her programming and looks mighty awkward as a result.

After an extended recap which I cannot bear to go through again, we go to the credits.  Neil is officially Chuck Cunningham–he was never there–and when Jacob’s goofy face pops up I say “Who cares?” right out loud.  Chenbot tells us there will be a jury prize awarded tonight, in addition to the $500K for the winner and $50K for the runner up.  Unlike the jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival, which I think consists of a trophy and prestige, this one is actual cash…$25K to be precise.  Let’s just call it “The Rupert Award”.

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