Big Brother

Big Brother Finale: The Summer of our Discontent

Previously on Big Brother:  Another BB twist turned into a wet fart as the saboteur was evicted in the first week.  Everybody went a little crazy and a lot of stuff happened.  Frankly, it may be too late to catch up now.  We’re left with insufferable prick Enzo, occasionally funny but mostly jerky Lane, and Homeless Muppet with no discernable personality Hayden.  This is not exactly a stirring Final Three.

You guys, ZingBot 3000 is in the studio!  I think we can agree that this show just took a turn for the awesome.  Julie Chen starts the evening off right by failing to keep a straight face when calling Enzo the “Meow Meow”.  The voiceover guy really thinks he can sum up the entire season.  Apparently for people who only watch the finale so they can fit in.  The recap includes Matt calling Brendon a “big dummy”, though Pop Rocks didn’t make the cut.  They also show the Brigade making Britney cry, and I am mad all over again.  But then one of the last shots in the montage is Otev the Broadway Clam, and I am briefly happy.

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