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Big Brother HoH and Eviction: Week 4

Previously on Big Brother: Hayden went into the hole, Kristen went into the hippietard, Kathy and Ragan stayed off-camera, and Britney won the Power of Veto. Despite double-crossing and talk of a “super alliance”, she chose not to use it, leaving bedmates and suspected cousins Hayden and Kristen on the block.
The announcer refers to the Brigade as “a bromance”, and I think it’s time to lay off affixing “bro” to other words. Yes, I’m declaring an embargbro.
Is it just me, or is there absolutely no suspense as to the vote tonight? We’re just kind of hanging out, waiting for Kristen’s Chenterview. But let’s see if they can fake us out for long enough to keep things interesting.
Hayden is frustrated about the Veto, and I find it amusing that he says this was supposed to result in a four-person alliance, and none of the people he names in the alliance are Britney. You know, the one with the Veto. Rachel admits that she talked about nominating Lane to convince Britney not to use the Veto. That’s not bad on her part, though I think her overall strategy of alienating everyone all the time is still a little weak.
Kathy and Kristen head to a bedroom for consoling, and I wonder if Kathy knows she dodged a bullet. Kristen cries that she’s going to be separated from Hayden. Forever and ever! Hayden goes outside to talk to Rachel and Brendon to assure them that there’s no animosity. Brendon promises his vote, so Hayden already knows he’s got the numbers and doesn’t have to worry. Britney tells Enzo that Rachel mentioned putting up Lane, so now she’s an even bigger target than before.

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