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Big Brother – Nominations, Week 6: Canklesaurus Rex

Previously on Big Brother: Our long national nightmare ended, as Rachel finally was put out of our misery. The HoH Competition was not resolved before the end of the show, but Brendon totally won. Dammit. Also, the announcer calls Matt “the brains of the operation”. That is one sad-ass operation right there.
Man, that clip of Brendon correcting Ragan’s correct pronunciation of “Neanderthal” is almost as amazing as “I need some pop rocks!” One day, there will be a Best of Big Brother DVD, and I will be a happy man.
We see the beginning of the HoH challenge again, and it’s this thing where they’re unwinding a rope – sort of like half the immunity challenges for the last three seasons of Survivor. Brendon attacks the task like a crazy guy, and also calls Rachel “The love of my life”. How many days have they known each other again? You know they’re going to break up before they’ve even left the Jury House. Matt says that he doesn’t have a lot of faith in the Brigade to win any challenges in which he can’t participate.
Oh my God, Brendon is still talking about how much he misses Rachel. In the flashback, his little unreturned “I love you” as she walks out the door may just be The Saddest Thing. Except that I don’t like him, and his pain is amusing to me. Also, why does Brendon have that big Ace Bandage around his midsection all the time? Does he have an obscene tattoo that they’re hiding? I’m going to assume that he does, because it’s funnier that way.

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