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Big Brother Snap Judgements

Big Brother LogoThe new season of Big Brother starts on Tuesday February 12, and we have the writers’ strike to thank for the show’s first ever non-summer entry. Myndi and EJ, who both count Big Brother among their guilty pleasures, decided it might be fun to make some snap judgements about the hamsters based on only their photos and bios. Then, tune into our recaps to see how right or wrong they are!

Myndi’s Snap Judgements:

Adam, 29, PR Manager. Reading the first paragraph or so of this guy’s bio, I was pretty sure he was gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It explains his background in fashion, current gig in event planning and how close he is to his mother. The next sentence states that he likes “aggressive women”. I guess it remains to be seen if he means this or is trying to talk himself into it.

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