Big Brother

Big Brother: The One Where Chelsia Loses Her MInd (Mar 27)

Since education seemed to be an underlying theme this week in the Big Brother house, why don’t we take a look at what we’ve learned about our little hamsters.  (And, no I don’t mean Sharon’s “furr-einds”, I mean the houseguests!)

First, there’s our HOH, Adam, or A-Baller, which could mean any number of things, none of which I want to get into here.
He likes baby food; bananas, vanilla custard and pears in particular.  His mother unironically referred to him as “Rain Man” and his own brother can only understand about 10 percent of what he says when he speaks.  But, on the other hand, he’s done well enough to afford Gucci belts and Jil Sander pants and it would appear that he really is a kind-hearted gentleman.  But he still has bug-eyes and giant, scary teeth that make me nervous.

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