Big Brother

Big Brother Update – The Final Three – Rachel’s Back

I can’t believe the announcer actually calls Hayden, Lane and Enzo by their stupid nicknames in the recap of last night.  I so prefer Homeless Muppet, Big Dumb Hick and Jersey Shore Reject, but nobody asked me.  We’re promised some jury house fireworks tonight.  Of course they involve stupid Rachel. Wow, Julie Chen really put her makeup on with a trowel tonight, huh?  She and her little black dress kick it out to the three guys getting thrashed up against two big fake rock walls in the backyard.  Enzo keeps screaming “meow meow”, which is super annoying.  Enzo is noting that Britney “wouldn’ta done good” at this.  When Lane comments on Brit leaving, he says it was like a family member walking out the door.  That’s an upgrade from yesterday after he DR’d that seeing her so sad was like watching one of his dogs die.

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