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Big Brother Update — The Final Three Revealed

Previously on Big Brother: Hayden won HoH, Lane went from being “doofy but funny” to “kind of a dick”, Enzo was convinced of his own brilliance, and Britney won $10,000 playing Hide-and-Seek. And that’s our Final Four, folks!
Julie Chen starts off with a lie – “The Brigade Alliance has controlled the house the entire season”. Like Myndi said, it’s mostly dumb luck that they made it this far. Matt was the only one of them who really accomplished anything in the game, but they got some lucky bounces. Like Rachel being good at winning HoH and also having a deep hatred of all women who aren’t her. Or the Diamond Power of Veto. Or the various meltdown that had Andrew, Annie, Rachel, and Brendon see their housemates turn on them. Other than Hayden, none of the remaining Brigadiers have done anything close to a decent job on challenges, and that wasn’t even until the end. Enzo’s one of those guys who coasted because everybody knew he would never win anything, and Lane was more or less a pleasant non-entity. If anybody with a half-decent strategy had been in the House, they’d have been busted up in Week Two. Heck, remember that Ragan actually figured out about the Brigade and told people, and the Houseguests decided to wait it out rather than evict one of them. That’s not masterful gameplay on anybody’s part.

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