Big Brother

Big Brother – Veto Week 7: Jessie. Again. Really.

Previously on Big Brother: The houseguests drank vile concoctions, and Brendon talked more about being in love. Sigh. Britney nominated Brendon, and put Enzo up as a pawn, and Enzo freaked out. The Brigade started to implode, with the ones who suck at things deciding that Matt needs to go. Hayden even calls him “the head of the snake”, which makes me think of Human Centipede, and that ain’t going anywhere good. Also, Enzo wore a shirt that said “Meow Meow”. So, wait. He gave himself a nickname, then he gave it to himself again in the house. And at some point, he had shirts made up with that self-christened nickname. Man, you just know Enzo has the saddest CafePress store ever.
Brendon claims that “Britney turned her back on me and stabbed me in the back”, and physically, that’s a tough move to pull off. I assume she has stretchy arms, or possibly limited bilocation. And then Brendon talks to Rachel’s ghost some more, while he goes to the Have Not room to be all emo. Holy Hell, Brendon wears a sleep mask! I have no idea what to do with this information, but it feels significant. Enzo walks in on Brendon’s soliloquy, so they can talk about how Britney is a “lying whore”. All class, these two.
Enzo heads up to the HoH bedroom to see Britney, where he wisely cuts back on the “whore” talk. She assures Enzo that he’s not going home, and if comes down to it, he’s the tie-breaking vote. He doesn’t believe her. He’s not throwing a tantrum, but Enzo is not taking nominations well.

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