Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars: The Finale (Nov 26)

Last night on Dancing with the Stars: A group dance shot Brooke Burke to the front of the pack, and a relentlessly awesome freestyle kept her there. Lance Bass and Warren Sapp ended up tied overall. We’ve got one dance to go and a trophy to give out, so let’s hop to it.
Hey Tom Bergeron! It’s been a long season, so how about you just give me a freebie here? LIIIIIIIVVVVE!
Samantha Harris waits backstage with all three couples. They’ll each be reprising a dance that they’ve done earlier, and their outfits look familiar. Not much happens in this interview, because everybody is excited and had a great time. No reason these interviews should suddenly start getting interesting at this late stage, I guess.
Tom introduces a video segment about Cloris Leachman, and promises we’ll find out what she’s been up to. And it starts with her sleeping in a cardboard box next to a trailer. She’s clad in a ragged dance outfit and an old coat with crazy lady makeup. She knocks on the trailer and nobody answers, so she decides to find everybody. This involves spinning like Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman, which magically cleans up her outfit and makeup. Hee. Still, Lynda Carter is my first TV crush, so I’d rather not get any octogenarians mixed up in those memories.

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