Hereosville: Season 3, Episode 7 – “Eris Quod Sum” (Oct 28)

We’ve got a fancy Latin title this week – “Eris Quod Sum”.  This translates to “You will be what I am”, which is sort of a theme this season.  It’s all about becoming the monster by fighting the monster in Season Three.  And whatever kind of monster you become, there’s always somebody worse.  This season has a bleak view of humanity.

Hey, Heroes, you know I love you, but that exterior shot of Usutu’s hut is clearly a miniature, possibly from a model railroad set.  I will however let it go if you promise to bring back Elle in the very near future.  Anyway, we’ve got Hiro afraid to use his powers once again.  In all fairness, he does pretty consistently screw up every time.  If I saw myself die multiple times in the future and inadvertently made an immortal psychopath spend six hundred years plotting my murder, I’d be reluctant to time travel, too.

Meanwhile, Mohinder is crazy.  You should mentally add that opener every time he appears in a scene.  Anyway, we get a giant freak-out where he takes Maya right up through the skylight.  To me, that’s evidence that he’s still salvageable – he could have won that fight with no difficulty at all.

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