Heroes 4-12 “Upon This Rock”

Previously on Heroes: Man, that was like a month ago. And the way they’ve treated continuity this season, there’s very little chance that we’re picking up where we left off. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt turned out to be Nathan wearing a rubber mask. We’ve got two hours tonight, which I’m splitting into two recaps. I’m not writing a novel here!
Claire is picking up trash at the carnival. Good thing she gave up school for a career. A creepy dude named Eli stares at her (I think he’s the duplicating guy that we’ve seen before), and then she chats with Lydia about pancakes. Claire agrees to bring Samuel his pancakes, because he loves his pancakes. Then she enters Samuel’s trailer, while he’s rooting through one of Bennet’s boxes of files, and they talk more about pancakes. This scene brought to you by pancakes! Samuel says he’s headed into the city to get somebody – somebody essential. He says they’ll soon be able to stop running and find a permanent place to live. You know, I think this show would be better off keeping Samuel around. They haven’t been renewed yet, but they usually blow through all the bad guys who aren’t Sylar, and Samuel is legitimately interesting. He’s the Magneto of the Heroes Universe.

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