Heroes 4-13 “Let it Bleed”

Previously on Heroes: Samuel revealed that his season-long evil plan was to… create a park? He’s like a murderous Leslie Knope, that guy.
Outside New York (86 hours ago, the screen informs us in an uncharacteristic bout of precision), Peter meets up with Bennet – Bennet’s got Nathan’s dead body in the trunk, and they’re going to fake a plane crash. Hope nobody notices that the gaping wound in Nathan’s neck has been stitched shut. Imagine the reporting on that. “It appears that his head fell off prior to the crash, and may have been a contributing factor.” In the present, everybody’s hanging out at after Nathan’s funeral. A woman we’ve never seen before asks Peter about the accident, and he has little to offer.
At the carnival, Samuel’s putting ink to paper, and it forms the image of a woman, who I don’t believe we’ve seen before. And how is he doing that? Before, it only worked when he put the ink on Lydia, and that was actually her power. Does everybody have a secondary power that lets them draw the future? Samuel ducks just in time to avoid Doyle, who has been hurled through the air. Oh yeah, Sylar’s here. And he wants to have words with Sammy.

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