Heroes 4-14 “Close to You”

Previously on Heroes: Samuel seemed both less and more evil, at the exact same time. Bennet’s team-up with Knife Guy never got off the ground. The mysterious Vanessa reared her lovingly sketched head. Ando had his facts about Spider-Man wrong. Peter flew away. And Claire continued to complain about the same things she’s been complaining about for four seasons. Oh, also Sylar got a Claire tattoo and got super-creepy, which is awesome. Best way to get me to pay attention to Claire scenes? Have Sylar in them!
By the way, just before I went to work on this, Mysterious Don texted me to say that the Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis) is actually from Haiti, and he was unable to get in touch with his parents after the earthquake. But just as I got ready to post this, I saw that he did reach his mother and father, who are shaken but alive. At least that’s some good news in the middle of disaster.
In Bennet’s apartment of sorrow, he and Lady Plothole (Who will now return to her given name of Lauren, since Bennet reminds me of her name in this scene. Dude’s a pro.) are trying to track down Samuel, and they can’t come up with any leads. Bennet snaps at Lauren, and then she says that she got a hit on “Vanessa Wheeler”. The moral is, yell at your co-workers if you want results! Vanessa grew up in the house where Samuel’s parents were servants. You know, the mansion that was destroyed by a sinkhole? Bennet calls her up, and asks to talk about Samuel. She claims not to know anybody by that name, and hangs up. Bennet is off to California to track her down, and Lauren basically tells him where to stick it.

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