Heroes 4-15 “Pass/Fail”

Previously on Heroes: In an episode that was, blissfully, almost entirely free of Claire, Hiro and Suresh both got their wits about them, Matt’s wife yelled at him, Samuel kidnapped Vanessa, Bennet was awesome, and Emma is poised to kill thousands of people with music, like that time Dethklok hired the London Philharmonic. I totally used that joke before, didn’t I?
The episode opens with my least favorite type of scene. First, Claire is moping. Second, Gretchen is present. Hey, are we ever going to see Tracy again? Much less Barbara, the third sister? We don’t have a renewal for next season, so in theory there are only a handful of episodes remaining. We don’t have time for scenes with Gretchen in them! The only cool thing is that after Claire mopes away, Sylar shows up and sits down next to Gretchen.
In Bennet’s apartment, Hiro is feeling a little shaky. Suresh builds what appears to be a makeshift compass, and he tells Bennet it will only work in the hands of someone with powers. Suresh says he has to leave because he broke a promise and has to make amends. I don’t immediately remember what that’s referring to, because I think the last time Suresh had anything to do on the show was back in the Golden Age of Radio. He was voiced by Mel Blanc then. As Suresh leaves, Hiro passes out. When he sits up again, he’s in a courtroom. The first person he sees is the late Adam “Sark” Monroe. Awesome! And by the way, at the time this aired, he was also appearing on 24 over on FOX. He’s multi-tasking!

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