Heroes 4-16 “The Art of Deception”

Previously on Heroes: It was a spectacularly ill-timed earthquake episode, frankly. Sylar was pretty awesome, Claire was boring, Gretchen was even more boring, and Hiro’s mental detour was really well-done, aside from the complete mess it made of continuity. Hiro’s getting better now, Samuel’s getting more crazy, and Bennet didn’t get nearly enough to do. Let’s see if that changes this week!
After wiping out a small town, Samuel’s lurking around the Carnival again. He seeks out Lydia, and asks why it’s so quiet. She says the Carnival is closed – people saw what he did, and they’re afraid. Samuel is in full creepy mode, and says that Lydia is the one people are looking to for answers now. She says that nobody trusts him, but Samuel thinks he can win them back.
We see another one of Peter’s dreams. It involves Emma playing the cello, screaming people, the Carnival, and Sylar announcing that he’s going to save somebody. He wakes up and calls the hospital asking for Emma. I am not sure what he will communicate to a deaf woman over the phone, so it’s just as well that she’s not there. He hangs up and his mother calls. And… scene.

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