Heroes 4-17 “The Wall”

Previously on Heroes: Samuel made a martyr out of Lydia the tattooed lady while pinning the blame on Bennet. Matt trapped Sylar in his own mind, though Peter objected. Tracy got two seconds of screen time. Claire and Gretchen? Still boring.
Peter wanders through the empty cityscape of Sylar’s mind, and then we see Sylar in his old apartment, surrounded by hundreds of clocks and watches, listning to each one in turn. He then appears on the street, since this is all in his mind. He and Peter spot one another. Sylar thinks he’s hallucinating, and he tells Peter he’s been trying to get out for three years. Peter says it’s only been three hours, and Sylar gets even more unhinged.
You know, about 25 years ago (God, I’m old…), there was a scene in Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing where Swampy ends up in Hell. There, he finds the soul of his long-time and recently deceased enemy, Arcane. It’s gruesome. Arcane is being consumed by maggots and they’re laying eggs inside him, and it’s creepy as all get out. Arcane, almost insane from the pain, asks Swamp Thing how many years he’s been in Hell. Swamp Thing tells him it’s been almost two days, and Arcane goes mad with despair. It’s kind of awesome. This scene? Kind of like that one. But, you know, if you’re going to steal, might as well steal from Alan Moore. Like the way they did in Season One, when Linderman’s plan was a direct ripoff of Ozymandias’ endgame in Watchmen. Yeah, I went there.

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