Heroes 4-2 “Ink”

We start with Claire in her dorm room, looking spooked. Gretchen, who saw her use her powers, is pounding on the door. Then we go to Matt, who’s looking at his “30 Days” chip, which if you’ll recall, means 30 days without using his powers. Then he sees Dream Sylar in the mirror. Peter’s putting newspaper clippings about the lives he save on the wall of the saddest apartment ever. And at the Carnival, Samuel announces that he’s “found somebody to fill Joseph’s shoes”, and starts putting on regular people clothes, so as to be unnoticed. He also explains to Lydia that his power is to “control the earth”, as we saw him do in the premiere. But what about the tattoos? Does he mix tattoos with a special ink so he can manipulate them? Please explain this, because I’m going to freak out if we get another villain with multiple and inconsistent powers. As Lydia fixes his necktie, she begs him not to leave. But Samuel’s got stuff to do, and the Carnival “has a need”.
He then sticks his hand in a jar of ink and absorbs it, so I’m thoroughly confused as to what his powers are. Also, the title informs us that this is Chapter Two, even though the second hour of last week’s episode has a title of its own. Man, they’re messing up my records.

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