Heroes 4-2 “Jump, Push, Fall”

All right, and now we’re into our second hour of the Heroes season premiere. I think I lost major nerd points by not pointing out that Edgar the Knife Guy is played by Ray Park, better known as Darth Maul, Toad, Snake Eyes, and many other characters who are called upon to perform martial arts but not speak or emote.
This hour opens with Bennet in his sad little bachelor pad. You can tell he’s single because his fridge contains milk and a jar of mustard. Been there. He calls his wife, and a man’s voice answers. Ouch. He hangs up, and the phone rings again immediately. Tracy. Bennet meets her in Danko’s apartment, where Danko is looking pretty dead.
Hiro panics to see that he’s gone back in time to that fateful carnival, and he can’t jolt himself forward again. Young Hiro approaches and ask him to take a picture. You know, the picture he and Ando looked at earlier. He watches his younger self go off to get the fortune that changed his destiny and decides not to intervene. After unsuccessfully trying to move forward in time, he hears somebody address him in Japanese. It’s Samuel, apparently the present-day version gone back in time.

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