Heroes 4-8: “Shadowboxing”

Is your head still hurting from last week’s episode? Mine too. I’ve thought about it more than anybody really should, and as near as I can determine, that episode should have exploded the space-time continuum. But luckily, things happen in a linear fashion this week, so it should be much simpler.
By the way, I watched this week’s episode with my friend, Lana. She had a couple of observations that didn’t occur to me, so I’ll give her proper credit when I get there. It’s also possible that I’ll be stealing a couple of her jokes, as well as her crush on Sylar.
We start in the slaughterhouse with Claire and the girls. The two unnamed characters are freaked out that they saw Claire get stabbed, and she’s OK. Claire convinces them that the water was drugged, which is not even a little bit reasonable, but they buy it anyway.
In the back of an ambulance, Peter is treating a survivor of a train crash. He uses his power to fix him, and it’s clearly a strain. You know, I think this is the third train crash on this show. Trains are not a safe method of travel in the Heroes Universe. The hospital is a blur of activity because, you know, train crash.

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