Heroes Season 4, Episode 1 “Orientation”

Hey guys, it’s a new season of Heroes! Remember how excited we were that Bryan Fuller was coming back to the show full-time again? It turns out that he is not. Sorry to get everybody’s hopes up.
Still, we’ve got Sylar brainwashed into believing he’s the dead Nathan (which still creeps me out), Hiro’s powers on the fritz, and the promise of an evil freak show. Is Claire still going to be unpleasant? Does Matt still have the spirit turtle? Will a non-Season One character survive the season? Let’s find out!
We open the season at a Carnie funeral, which is something that most TV shows can’t claim. The man eulogizing his brother is played by Robert Knepper, aka “T-Bagg”, aka “The only good thing about Prison Break”. His eulogy stands in for the opening narration, and se see old footage of people discovering their powers. Then we see Claire arriving at college with a sad little box of stuff, Bennet looking melancholy and spinning his ring like Conan O’Brien, Matt sitting with Baby Matt, and a bunch of scenes that make no sense out of context. At the end, the as yet-unnamed T-Bagg flips a compass into his brother’s grave, clearly forgetting that Lost called dibs on compass imagery. And then T-Bagg waves his hands and dirt fills the grave. We’ve got ourselves a telekinetic here! The funeral breaks up and the assembled mourners head back to the carnival.

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