Heroesville – Heroes 3-23 “1961″

Sorry for the lateness of this week’s recap.  It turns out, those double-recap Mondays are a killer.  Of course, it’s even worse when I try to do it after a Lost Pre-Game Report, so I’m clearly going to need a backup EJ to do nothing but recap.
Let’s jump right in, because they’ve been promising us big revelations for two weeks now, and the closest they got last week was that Danko likes prostitutes.  This week promises to be a little more mind-blowing, though.
We begin our cast digging up bodies.  Peter’s understandably creeped out by the whole thing.  Bennet is largely unfazed, because it’s not like that’s the worst thing he’s ever had to do.  It’s time for a black-and-white flashback to 1961!  (The year is even a nerd in-joke.  1961 is the year Marvel Comics started publishing superhero comics.)

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