Heroesville: Heroes 3-24 “I Am Sylar” (Apr 21)

Did you realize this is the second-to-last episode of the season? I’m actually kind of excited because it means my four-recaps-a-week schedule is drawing to a close. Light at the end of the tunnel, people!


OK, in the “Previously” segment, they show a scene that I don’t think actually appeared. Danko picks out an agent that Sylar can impersonate on a regular basis. It’s helpful exposition, but don’t try to act like that’s something that happened previously. I’m being lied to!


Also, the final scene from last week plays out again, and now the audio mix is different. The Fake Nathan on TV is talking about going to meet with the President to bring about “real change”. The dialogue doesn’t indicate that he’s running for President, like I thought. Of course, we’ll soon see that’s the actual plan, so maybe I was ahead of the game.

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