Heroesville: Heroes, Season 3, Episode 11 – “The Eclipse, Part 2″ (Dec 2)

Wow. Let’s see, I turned out to be really wrong about something, and one of my favorite characters got killed. This is going to be a tough write-up, between my shame and my sadness.
Right up front, this is the kind of role I like to see Peter in – he’s motivating the Haitian to stay and fight his brother. I think Peter’s most effective when he pulls his head out of his rear and works as the moral center of the Heroes. It doesn’t happen often, but it makes me happy when he does.
They have an interesting idea when Claire is in the ER – she’s never been sick, and thus has never developed any antibodies. She’s incredibly vulnerable to everything right now, so it’s not just the bullet. This is her first exposure to any kind of infection. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that idea applied to a healing character before, and it’s pretty clever.
Elle and Sylar are so darn happy without their powers, aren’t they? Like, deep down we know they’re still psychotic, but I really want those crazy kids to make it work. Bennet does not share my enthusiasm, and starts shooting. He grazes Elle in the leg before they run off. I liked Bennet’s mood through this scene – he seems completely unhinged, but when he’s shouting at them, it’s clear that this is all to protect his daughter. His methods are often insane and/or homicidal, but he’s always in Dad Mode.

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