Heroesville: Heroes, Season 3, Episode 13 – “Dual” (Dec 16)

This? Was a good episode. Everybody’s stories advanced, and they were all important to the wrap-up. None of that “Hiro and Peter saved the world, and oh yeah, Niki died in a house fire” jazz for us. This is Season Three – the season where things happen!
This isn’t something I’ve kept notes on, but I think this might be the first time Sylar has done the opening narration. That’s an appropriate way to end the Villains arc, isn’t it? I like that Robert Forster is in the credits for that three second shot of Arthur Petrelli’s corpse. Know what that means? Forster got paid for this episode! Anyhow, Nathan’s off the deep end. One would think that with Arthur dead, they could put an end to this silliness, but Nathan commits to a project. I was kind of surprised to see Peter clock him though. Who knew Peter had it in him?
Sylar takes control of Primatech, and he’s locked everybody in. This set-up sort of makes me think of Saw, except that I’ve never seen Saw, so I might be totally wrong. Still, Sylar gets to go all creepy here. He’s turning Primatech into his own Wasp Factory, and Claire, Bennet, Meredith, and Angela are all along for the ride. His goal is to “prove that they’re all monsters”, and frankly, I could have watched an entire episode of just this. Sylar’s scary when he’s proving a point.

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