Heroesville: Heroes, Season 3, Episode 14: “A Clear and Present Danger” (Feb 3)

So, they might have mentioned this once or a billion times during the Super Bowl, but Heroes is back! It’s the much-awaited “Fugitives” arc and, well, we’re off to kind of a dark start. Was there anybody who wasn’t screwed last time we saw them?
For a change, they don’t open a new story by telling us how much time has passed. And unfortunately, this is the one time that would come in handy. Later in the episode, Peter indicates that it’s been “months”, and in that time, everybody’s gone their separate ways and started new lives. Nathan’s finally actually serving in the Senate after being elected at the end of Season One. And on the interview on the background TV, it seems that Nathan’s really concerned about “dangerous people”. The interviewer mentions his religious conversion, which is some nice continuity.

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