Heroesville — Heroes Season 3, Episode 16 “Cold Wars”

Sorry about the delay this week.  I was laid low with what seems to be the Shanti Virus.  And while I’m still under the weather, I’ve progressed to “fearing for my life” from yesterday’s “praying for death”.
OK, you know how you can tell when somebody is awesome?  When mind-reading alone isn’t You're going to try to read his mind without doping him first? Good luck!enough to interrogate him!  That’s right, to get inside Bennet’s head, Matt had to actually dope him up enough to be able to read his mind.  Bennet will attack you with his memories if you give him half a chance.
Our first flashback is five weeks ago.  Ma Petrelli and Bennet meet on a park bench and she hands over his pension, as well as a retirement watch.  Now, I tried reading way too much meaning into this, since timepieces almost always represent Sylar.  But sometimes, a watch is just a watch.  Unless she was trying to get under Bennet’s skin just a little.  “Hey, remember that guy who used to fix watches.  Shame he’s still out there killing people…”  Bennet is actually lost and adrift at this point, “What am I supposed to do now?”  For a guy who’s been running the show since the beginning, this is a weird position to be in.

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