Heroesville: Heroes, Season 3, Episode 21 – “Into Asylum” (Mar 31)

All right, let’s see if they can keep the cast alive this time out!
Our story starts in Mexico, where people don’t even raise an eyebrow when an American politician checks into a seedy motel with an underage blonde. Nathan and Claire are in hiding from Danko, and really the entire US Government. Already, Claire has decided not to listen to an adult who knows better and goes for a walk by herself.
In New York City, Peter and Angela are hiding out, too. Angela says she’s where she’s “supposed to be” to get the answers she wants, and they’re waiting outside a church. Then we cut to Virginia, where Bennet and Danko are checking out a crime scene. Their reactions indicate that the murders are supposed to be gorier than what we actually see on screen. The victims were Danko’s agents, trying to round up Martin, a newly emergent Hero. Danko doesn’t seem to get that he should know what people’s powers are before he tries to ambush them.

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