Lost Revisited: An Open Letter to Harold Perrineau (Jun 6)

(Note: If you are reading this and you are not Harold Perrineau, it may help to read his recent TV Guide interview.)

Dear Harold,

This is very hard to say. Big fan. I mean, you’ve played key roles in two of my favorite shows of all time, Oz and Lost. You know, not only did you get to be a big part of two fantastic shows, but you got great death scenes in both of them. “I can feel my legs” in Oz brings tears to my eyes every time. And then Michael got to redeem himself in Lost, dying a hero’s death. As an actor, you should be very proud of Augustus Hill and Michael Dawson. But then you trashed it all with this whiny-ass interview.

OK, I understand that you and your wife just had a baby. Congratulations, by the way. I just hope you didn’t give the poor girl a stupid showbiz name…. Oh. Wynter Aria? Well then, what was I saying? Anyway, I know there’s probably a lot of sleepless nights in your schedule right now, so just maybe you’re not at your best. Still, this interview is not cool.

I’m sure it sucks to have a cool gig like that and then lose it, but that’s how acting works. Just give William Mapother or John Terry a call – they’ll explain that dying on Lost does not actually prevent you from appearing on further episodes. Or check with any of your former castmates who died off in previous seasons. This show’s got a pretty huge body count, and I don’t remember any of the other Lostaways pissing and moaning about the producers or the fans. You’re entitled to your opinions and your self-pity (You do realize it was your character who died, right? You didn’t actually get blown up in real life.), but you had some pretty ignorant and damaging things to say, and somebody’s got to call you out on it.

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