LOST: Pre-Game for “Everybody Loves Hugo”

You know, I saw a list of the remaining episode titles for this season, and we really are just about done. When you see them all listed out, that makes it really concrete. Five more regular episodes, and then the two-hour finale. And it’s exciting to have the story wrapped up, but I am really going to miss these guys. We’re looking at a maximum of seven hours remaining with our favorite characters, and frankly, we know that not everybody’s going to make it until the end. (Title of the second-to-last episode: “What They Died For”.)
This week, I just want to look at a couple of fairly big points, since it was that kind of episode. And I’m just going to give spunkybuddy Larry Young his props up front, since a lot of this started over in his analysis and then went nuts in his comments section.
The Scales of Justice: I forgot to mention this last week, but spunkybuddy Julie straightened me out – in the office of Widmore X, there’s a painting of a set of perfectly balanced scales. And of course, one side holds a white rock, the other, a black rock. I really love how it’s got sort of an abstract background, so it doesn’t immediately jump out that ol’ Widmore has a painting of scales.

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