LOST: Pre-Game for “Happily Ever After”

Hey, does anybody know how long it is until the next episode of V? I often lose track and it would be awesome if they’d run a big red countdown clock in the corner of the screen. Maybe if they could find a way to make it even bigger next time – I could still sort of see what was happening, after all. Of course, if I was in charge over at ABC, there’d be a weekly Lost countdown clock, so as soon as V started, it would say “166:59:59 until Lost”.
Also, after this episode brought in more chance Timeline X meetings, my sister had this to say. “Timeline X is Crash, but without the racism.” I can’t even tell you how hard that made me laugh.
Before we start with the Pre-Game proper, there’s a special treat this week. As you know, I’ve been working with spunkybuddy Larry Young to crack the Island’s mysteries, and during all of this, he took the time to interview me. It was a lot of fun and pretty revealing – Larry is a really good interviewer and you will learn things about me, in addition to more about why Locke is awesome. Check it out here!
This week, we’re looking at Jacob’s wardrobe, trying to decipher what ol’ Marble Mouth Keamy was actually saying, wonder some more about the Candidates, possibly identify Danny, and more. There’s a lot to handle this time out as we’re heading into the final episodes.

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