LOST: Pre-Game for “The Candidate”

Wow, it’s been two weeks since I’ve done one of these. Do I even remember how it works? Keifer Sutherland’s on this show, right?
Four episodes to go. As I write this, it’s exactly three weeks until the finale. Right now, I feel a strange mix of eagerness and anxiety – I want to see the finale but I just don’t want the finale to happen yet. This is probably how normal people feel about watching their children grow up.
So, at the time, I was so happy about the Sun/Jin reunion that I didn’t even notice this on the first viewing. But then I noticed that they end up embracing between two of Widmore’s pylons. Was there anybody who watched it thinking their heads were going to explode when they ran toward each other? The more I see that scene, the more I’m sure they wanted us to think that.
This week, the Pre-Game is mostly focused on Smokey. Frankly, there’s a whole lot to say about him. As I understand it, we’re a week away from a huge mythology episode that could answer a lot of Smokey questions, but it’s hard not to talk about the guy!
A Tale of Two Christians: In “The Last Recruit” Look-a-Locke confirmed that he was Christian Shephard on the Island. But he seemed to hesitate when Jack asked why he appeared to him that first time. And given his string of lies, it’s tough to take any of his claims at face value.

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