LOST Revisited: 6-10 “The Package”

“Obviously, you’re not John Locke. Everything else I know is a combination of myth, ghost stories, and jungle noises in the night.” – Charles Widmore
Before we look deeply into “The Package”, I got a great e-mail today, and I want to share an observation. Since I’m racing the clock tonight, there’ll be more to say in next week’s Pre-Game, but spunkybuddy Chicago Rachel pointed out that in when we see Jacob in the hospital with Ilana, he’s entirely dressed in black, including black gloves. Remember Isabella’s final message to Richard – he has to stop the Man in Black.
While we’ve frequently seen Jacob in white (and I will be checking the archives in the next few days), it seems like you would want to stay away from black at all costs if your enemy is known as the “Man in Black”. Let me know what you think, and I’ll check out Jacob’s appearance in the next couple of days. Thanks, Chicago Rachel!
This week, we have a long-awaited return (which Spectacularry totally called), another favorite from past seasons swings by, a couple of interesting revelations, and some more Timeline X discrepancies. It’s time for “The Package”.
Somebody’s watching Look-a-Locke and his crew through night-vision goggles. We get a look at some of our favorite Lostaways, and then Smokey tries to win Jin over – he tells Jin that all the names on the list have to leave together, or they can’t leave. That actually might be true. I love that his advice to Jin is to leave his wound uncovered so it can get some air. It’s not like you have any weird bacteria or anything in a jungle. I bet it’ll heal faster if he keeps picking at it, too!

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