LOST Revisited: 6-15 “Across the Sea”

Has everybody recovered? I had a couple of rough days there, and judging by how many e-mails I received that began with “AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!”, it seems like that was kind of the general consensus. Heck, a friend of mine who doesn’t watch Lost (if you can believe it) called me and said “Sounds like that was a rough one”. I’m going to need therapy by the end of the season. I mean, moreso.
Look, can we talk about Frank Lapidus for a minute? We can agree that Frank is awesome, right? But his apparent death last week wasn’t acknowledged by either the characters in the show or by pop culture at large. The new Entertainment Weekly mentioned the three deaths in last week’s episode. Michael Ausiello’s Sweeps Scorecard lists three deaths. On the beach, Kate asked about Sun and Jin. Nobody acknowledges Frank. The one guy who didn’t choose to return to the Island, and the cool kids have already forgotten him.
To me, the lack of acknowledgment means that we haven’t seen the last of ol’ Frank. As much as the writers like to torture us, they’ve always allowed the characters themselves the chance to grieve. So, there’s always a chance that Frank’s going to swim his way to the surface and just deck Look-a-Locke. On the other hand, spunkybuddy Larry Young offers some very compelling reasons as to why Frank’s story might be over. And Larry is to Frank as I am to Locke. (I remember Locke’s first death scare. Ah, the memories…)

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