LOST Revisited: 6-15 “Across the Sea”

“Our very own Adam and Eve…” – John Locke
Tonight we answered one of Lost’s most enduring mysteries. I think this will finally prove to the doubters that there is, in fact, a plan. And when there are only three episodes left, it’s a gutsy move to not have any of the regulars in an episode (other than some Season One footage). There’s something disappointing about not seeing Jack and Hurley and the rest, but what we saw tonight tied together the psychology of Lost in a way that I didn’t think we’d see. It’s going to be interesting to see how people react to this one. (You guys are people, right? How did you react?)
This episode is going to be kind of awkward to write about, if only because nobody except for Jacob and the short-lived Claudia has a name. For the sake of clarity, I’m going back to referring to Smokey as “Silas”, since that was actor Titus Welliver’s name on Deadwood. Their “adopted” mother, I’m just going to call “Mom”. I considered calling her “Juno’s Mom”, but I think we all would have gotten tired of that pretty quickly.
We open on a scene of wreckage in the water. A pregnant woman in a red dress manages to make it to shore. It’s immediately striking, because we don’t often see red clothing on this show. As she searches the Island, she encounters Allison Janney from Juno and The West Wing. And now that I think about it, Claudia, the pregnant lady, was on Chuck last week. (What has two thumbs and watches too much TV? This guy!)

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