LOST Revisited: 6-16 “What They Died For”

“Did you see a kid run by with your ashes?” – Hugo “Hurley” Reyes
“I lived in these houses thirty years before you did. Otherwise known as last week.” – Miles Straume
It’s the second-to-last episode. Our penultimate trip to the Island. The last time I will stay up until all hours on a work night to recap. (Yeah, I’m taking the day after the finale off. What with all the likely crying and all.)
This episode is a big one for answers. Heck, Jacob sits down for a Q&A at one point. And you know what’s weird? It was a really funny episode. Most of the humor was incredibly dark, but there were some great jokes. I wasn’t expecting that at this point. Plus, two of the characters I really didn’t expect to see again.
We begin with the old standard – a close-shot of an eye. And just like in the very first episode, it’s Jack. Only this time, it’s Jack X. When he looks in the mirror (And have you seen that ad they’re running for the finale? It’s full of mirror shots! I do believe spunkybuddy Larry Young is right about the significance of reflections.) he’s got a nasty wound on his neck that looks fresh. I’m kind of surprised there’s not mortar shrapnel in there.

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