LOST Revisited: 6-8 “Recon”

“Very insightful, coming from a dead man.” – Kate Austen
This week marks the return of Sawyer and the Timeline X scenario with the most spinoff potential. That’s pretty great, but it was also the return of Pelt Baby! That’s right, a second appearance means that Pelt Baby is now officially a recurring character.
We open with Sawyer and Jin – they’re hanging out in Claire’s hut. And man, is that thing a mess. I like the way she didn’t really bother with a roof or anything. Jin’s been out of it for a while, which is pretty reasonable, all things considered. When Jin wakes up, more than a little confused, Sawyer does his best to catch him up – “I’m with Locke”. Dude, I have been wearing that t-shirt since Season One. Sawyer does promise to make sure that he will find Sun before they leave. Sawyer makes a lot of empty promises this week, but I really want to believe that he has good intentions here. At this point, Look-a-Locke and his whole gang return. Hey, it’s Stewardess Cindy!
Timeline X. Sawyer X is up to his old tricks, hooking up with a married woman, and then, oops, that briefcase just pops open revealing piles of money. (By the way, it’s 8:42. Hello, magic numbers!) The dialogue is almost exactly the same as that in Sawyer’s very first flashback episode, only the woman pulls a gun on him this time. She knows how con men work, what with being married to one. Well, Sawyer claims that he’s a cop and he’s got backup waiting for him. They’re trying to bust her husband. I didn’t know what to think here, right up until Sawyer gives the code word (“LaFleur”. Nice.), and sure enough, a whole team of cops takes the room. And hey, his partner is Miles! Go on, tell me you wouldn’t watch a show with Miles and Sawyer as LA cops.

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