LOST Revisited: “Meet Kevin Johnson” (Mar 21)

April 24, why must you be so far away?

This week’s bonus points go to spunkybean reader Evonne, who did some research last week and ended up making herself extra sad. In Jin’s flashback, the shopkeeper said it was the Year of the Dragon. Well, the next Dragon Year is 2012, so Evonne thought Sun was having her second child and they already had an eight-year-old, and they were perfectly happy, unlike Jack and Hurley and Sayid. And now we know how that worked out. That also means that Jin’s scenes were set in the last Year of the Dragon, 2000. It’s rare that flashbacks get a date like that, so that’s good information.

Evonne also points out that there was a “1980” on Jin’s grave. Sure enough, there’s a “1974” and a “2004”, which would probably be his birth and death, but I don’t know what that “1980” could be. If only Korean weren’t so hard to read…

Is it possible that this is the first episode in which neither Jack nor Kate appear? I think that it probably is. Also, if the Writer’s Strike hadn’t been resolved when it was, this would have been the season finale. That would have been rough. After not seeing Locke’s camp at all last week, it was nice to see everybody gathered together. Now, there’s a lot of conflicting information in this episode as to whether Benry or Widmore was the one who faked the crash and wants to kill everybody.

To me, it’s very important that Miles doesn’t deny it when Locke tells his people that Widmore means them harm.

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