LOST Revisited: MIssing Pieces 1-7 (Mar 12)

There’s no new episode of Lost this week, which is an upsetting development. I assume it had something to do with the Dancing with the Stars premiere that would have stretched out to multiple nights, only two last-minute substitutions scuttled this plan. On the one hand, I like being able to go to bed on time. On the other, you know, Wednesday feels like a waste of a day without Lost.
But the lack of actual Lost content doesn’t mean an end to the analysis. Last year, we spent a skip week looking at the DVD-only orientation film for the Orchid, and that turned out to be the key to the season finale. So this time, we’re going to take a look at Lost: Missing Pieces, the mini-episodes that were available to Verizon mobile phone customers after Season Three. It turns out, a couple of Season Five’s minor characters made their first appearance here and some plot threads that haven’t been referenced in a while show up.

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