LOST Revisited: Pre-Game for “Ab Aeterno”

We’re sitting on the cusp of the long-awaited flashback episode for Richard “Batmanuel” Alpert. If you’re not at least a little giddy with anticipation, you’re in the wrong place. Because over here, we’re actively freaking out over it. But we’re not quite there yet, so to pass the time, let’s take another look at “Recon”.
Just to let you know, this may be a little shorter than the usual Pre-Game Report. I apologize in advance. See, I also recap Celebrity Apprentice, which is sort of on the opposite end of the quality spectrum, and that pretty much ate up the whole weekend. By next week, I should have a work flow figured out, and I’ll be more verbose. Or I’ll just give up sleep.
A couple of fantastic theories came my way this week, and I’m really eager to get to them, so rather than enthusing some more about Pelt Baby’s second appearance, let’s get right to the Bonus Points!
Smokey’s Mother Issues: You know, this episode was so full of liars lying to other liars, that it never even occurred to me that one of them was telling the truth at a key point.

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