LOST Revisited: Pre-Game for “Dead is Dead”

A new episode is looming, so it’s time once again for a Lost Pre-Game! First off, thanks to everybody who posts comments or sends e-mail regarding the recaps – you guys are great, and without those comments, the Pre-Games would consists entirely of me saying “Remember what I said last week?” And as much as I like to be reminded of things that I said before, that probably wouldn’t be much fun for anybody else.
Also, I wanted to mention that I’ve been playing the Lost videogame for the last few weeks. It’s a little disappointing as an actual game, but it’s really cool to walk around on the Island and interact with the Lostaways. Though, it’s worth noting that none of the actual actors from the show provide voices. Some of the fill-ins are pretty close, and some, like the guy who does Locke, are hilariously bad. Apparently, Locke is an 18th Century prospector in the game.

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