LOST Revisited: Pre-Game for “The Variable”

Wow, I haven’t written about Lost in almost two weeks! I’m getting a little antsy, really. This week, we’re set for the 100th episode. Of course, I think that the one we should really celebrate is episode 108. That just seems more appropriate, doesn’t it?

Since I want to cover the remaining “Missing Pieces” mini-episodes, I’m going to keep the actual pre-game kind of brief. One thing that occurred to me, with the end of the season bearing down and the possibility of death around every corner, there is exactly one character who is safe for the foreseeable future. See, we haven’t seen any Flash Forwards in a while, but we know for sure that whatever happens, Dr. Marvin Candle is going to survive. Sure, he apparently died sometime before 2005 (possibly in the Purge), but he has to live until the Swan and Orchid Stations are complete, because he made the Orientation films. Of course, he has a prosthetic arm in the Swan film, so he’s not getting out without a scratch.

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