LOST Revisited: Pre-Game for “Whatever Happened, Happened”

I’m not sure how long it takes the universe to unravel from a temporal paradox, so I’m just going to assume that there will be an episode of Lost this week, rather than 60 minutes of a blank white screen. So let’s take a minute to consider whether or not Sayid broke the universe, along with other things.
First off, in the Moscow scene last week, we saw the Oldham Pharmaceuticals building. Then later we met a guy named Oldham who drugged Sayid. Did he leave the Island to start a massive pharmaceutical concern? Is he the creepy brother of a legitimate scientist? Really, I’m just happy about anything that suggests more backstory for Oldham, since a crazy guy who lives in the woods and comes up with ways to hurt people is a pretty interesting character.
As you know, I tend to obsess over any book that appears onscreen. I mentioned it briefly last week, but Benry gives Sayid a copy of Carlos Castaneda’s A Separate Reality. In this case, I’m not sure that the specifics of the books are as important as the broad strokes. 

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