LOST Revisited: Pre-Game for “The Lighthouse”

So, did any of you spend your weekend Zaprudering that scene in Jacob’s cave and then cross-referencing the names of minor characters? If not, then I question your dedication to this project. Either way, we’ve got plenty to talk about in this week’s Pre-Game.

The big Lost sighting this week is kind of outdated, but still new to me. After spending all that time looking at cave etchings, I went out to see The Hurt Locker. Guess who shows up near the end of the movie? Kate! I have literally never seen her act anywhere else, except for that, uh, “party line” commercial that still shows up on late night cable. She’s only got a couple of scenes, but she’s the only woman with English dialogue in the entire movie. Also, she’s awesomely passive-aggressive in the movie. Strangely, she manages to get through the entire thing without blabbing about things immediately after being sworn to secrecy. That part was kind of jarring, actually.

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