LOST Revisited: Season 5, Episode 12: “Dead is Dead” (Apr 9)

Wow. This episode was full of backstory and some truly awesome character moments. It’s going to be hard to do it justice all at once, but I’m going to hit what I can, and after some re-watching, I’ll be Post-Gaming this one up but good. Ready for a full episode of Locke and Benry? Of course you are!


We open in a flashback, and while we haven’t seen the angry Other before, I think we’ve been at this long enough to know that it’s a youngish Charles Widmore. He’s upset with Richard “Batmanuel” Alpert. While Widmore is angry that they brought Benry to the temple, since he wasn’t one of them. But Richard “Batmanuel” Alpert explains himself with the line that sums up the episode: “The Island chooses who the Island chooses”. Widmore steps into the tent to meet Benry for the first time. He’s surprisingly reassuring, telling Benry that just because he’ll be going to back to Dharma, he isn’t truly one of them. And, of course, he introduces himself as Charles Widmore. Look at those two, not trying to kill each other for a change.

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